Placing the TV over the fireplace can vary in difficulty from moderate to very difficult. This 1970's colonial was a 10 out of 10 in difficulty.

The wall behind the fireplace is concrete block. The wall surface was paneling over drywall. Below the fireplace, where the electrical and AV were to be rerouted, was inaccessible because to the HVAC system.

Our typical process is to first prepare the area (and discover and correct any surprises behind the walls). Next, we fabricate (and paint) the built-ins at our workshop. Finally, the pieces are brought together for the installation.

However, the end result appears that the cabinets and bookshelves were always part of the house - just like we strive for, and can do for you!

Services provided: consultation, design, fabrication, electrical, AV, paint, TV mounting, crown molding.