If I could do one thing in my business, it would be to create built in cabinets and shelves. So many of my skills and talents are required in order to make these new additions blend in with their surrounding as if they were always a part of the room.

Aside from the creative aspect of designing and fabricating the pieces, almost every project has need for some serious problem solving skills.

Today's customers wish to incorporate their new technology (usually a flat screen TV, game systems, computers, etc.) with storage and display places AND have the final project look like it has always existed in their 100 year old house. That is a tall order!

Your Neighborhood Handyman provides a single source to accomplish all the tasks necessary to create your built-ins: design, carpentry, dry wall, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, tile work, and painting.


The customer wanted a more intimate feel to the area around her fireplace. After consultation, we developed a plan to partially enclose the areas to either side with window seats that doubled as book shelves and offered storage.

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Early 1990's West End home with the typical large cavity above the fireplace that formally housed the large tube TV's of the era. Today's flat screens don't work well with this structure so I am often called on to fill in this space and rearrange the necessary electrical and AV feeds.

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Placing the TV over the fireplace can vary in difficulty from moderate to very difficult. This 1970's colonial was a 10 out of 10 in difficulty. However, the end result appears that the cabinets and bookshelves were always part of the house - just like we strive for, and can do for you!

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12 feet long and 9 feet high!

The customer wanted something to both anchor and define her home office, while providing a space for the artwork she has collected.

I designed this cabinet/book shelf combination in a neo-mission style. Additional touches were down lighting in the book shelves and up lighting above to highlight her glass plates. All fabrication was done in my workshop except for the granite countertops.

The best part? Remove less than 10 screws and all the pieces can be removed for when she wishes to relocate.

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